Namespace: FsCheck

Generator of a random value, based on a size parameter and a randomly generated int.

Static members

Static memberDescription
( <!> )(f, a)
Signature: (f:('?209759 -> '?209760) * a:Gen<'?209759>) -> Gen<'?209760>
Type parameters: '?209760

Like <*>, but puts f in a Gen first.

CompiledName: op_LessBangGreater

( <*> )(f, a)
Signature: (f:Gen<('?209755 -> '?209756)> * a:Gen<'?209755>) -> Gen<'?209756>
Type parameters: '?209756

Lifted function application = apply f to a, all in the Gen applicative functor.

CompiledName: op_LessMultiplyGreater

( >>= )(m, k)
Signature: (m:Gen<'?209763> * k:('?209763 -> Gen<'?209764>)) -> Gen<'?209764>
Type parameters: '?209764

Bind operator; runs the first generator, then feeds the result to the second generator function.

CompiledName: op_GreaterGreaterEquals

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