Namespace: FsCheck

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
argumentsToString args
Signature: args:'?209783 list -> string
Type parameters: '?209783
Signature: IRunner

A runner that prints results to the standard output.

Signature: Lazy<unit>

Force this value to do the necessary initializations of typeclasses. Normally this initialization happens automatically. In any case, it can be forced any number of times without problem.

onArgumentsToString n args
Signature: n:int -> args:'?209794 list -> string
Type parameters: '?209794
onFailureToString (...)
Signature: name:string -> data:TestData -> originalArgs:'?209789 list -> args:'?209790 list -> usedSeed:'?209791 -> string
Type parameters: '?209789, '?209790, '?209791
onFinishedToString name testResult
Signature: name:string -> testResult:TestResult -> string

A function that returns the default string that is printed as a result of the test.

onShrinkToString args
Signature: args:'?209796 list -> string
Type parameters: '?209796
onStartFixtureToString t
Signature: t:Type -> string
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