Namespace: FsCheck
Parent Module: TypeClass

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: Type

CompiledName: get_Class

Signature: other:TypeClass<'TypeClass> -> TypeClassComparison

Compares this TypeClass with the given TypeClass. Returns, respectively, the new instances, overridden instances, new array instances, overridden array instances, new catch all or overridden catchall introduced by the other TypeClass.

x.Discover(onlyPublic, instancesType)
Signature: (onlyPublic:bool * instancesType:Type) -> TypeClass<'TypeClass>

Make a new TypeClass with only the instances registered on the given type. Note that the instances of this TypeClass will not be registered on the new TypeClass. Use Merge in addition to achieve that, or use DiscoverAndMerge to do both.

Signature: (onlyPublic:bool * instancesType:Type) -> TypeClass<'TypeClass>

Discover instances for this TypeClass on the given type. Merge the result with this TypeClass, with the newly discovered instances overriding the instances on this TypeClass.

Signature: instance:Type -> obj

Get the instance registered on this TypeClass for the given type and optionally the given arguments. The result is of type 'TypeClass<'T>, dynamically.

Signature: bool

CompiledName: get_HasCatchAll

Signature: unit -> 'TypeClassT
Type parameters: 'TypeClassT

Get the instance registered on this TypeClass for the given type parameter 'T. The result will be cast to TypeClassT, which should be 'TypeClass<'T> but that's impossible to express in .NET's type system.

Signature: Set<InstanceKind>

CompiledName: get_Instances

Signature: overrideWith:TypeClass<'TypeClass> -> TypeClass<'TypeClass>

Merge the instances defined by the given instances type with the ones already defined in this TypeClass. Instances defined in the given type override the instances in this TypeClass instance.

Static members

Static memberDescription
Signature: unit -> TypeClass<'TypeClass>
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