Operation<'Actual, 'Model>

Namespace: FsCheck.Experimental

An operation describes pre and post conditions and the model for a single operation under test. The post-conditions are the invariants that will be checked; when these do not hold the test fails.


Signature: unit -> Operation<'Actual,'Model>

CompiledName: .ctor

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Check(arg1, arg2)
Signature: ('Actual * 'Model) -> Property
Modifiers: abstract

Excecutes the command on the object under test, and returns a property that must hold. This property typically compares the state of the model with the state of the object after execution of the command.

Signature: 'Model -> bool
Modifiers: abstract

Optional precondition for execution of the command. When this does not hold, the test continues but the command is not executed.

Signature: 'Model -> 'Model
Modifiers: abstract

Executes the command on the model of the object.

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